Dan + Shay w/ Special Guest Kelsea Ballerini – Tickets – Iron City – Shows – Birmingham, AL – October 24th, 2015

Dan + Shay w/ Special Guest Kelsea Ballerini

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Dan + Shay w/ Special Guest Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini

Saturday, Oct 24th 2015

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Iron City - Shows

Birmingham, AL

$25.00 - $28.00

This event is all ages


Dan + Shay
Dan + Shay
Dan + Shay

Where It All Began

Since coming together a little over a year ago, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney—known

collectively as Dan + Shay—have established themselves as one of country music's

most promising duos. With pristine vocals and a knack for writing clever yet relatable

songs about looking for, finding and losing love, Dan + Shay bring a youthful sense of

energy to country music. Their debut album, Where It All Began, harnesses that energy

with 12 radio-ready tracks.

The album's title comes from the last line of their debut hit single, "19 You + Me," which,

upon its release, had the biggest first week by a new duo in trade publication Country

Aircheck's history, was the most added debut of 2013 at country radio and was certified

Gold by the RIAA. The harmony-rich song reinvents the popular theme of nostalgia

through a flurry of evocative imagery: you were California beautiful, I was playing

everything but cool; it was everything we wanted it to be, the summer of 19 You + Me.

"'19 You + Me' is where it all began, and those words are the last you hear in that song.

It felt appropriate for our first album," says Shay, a native of Natural Dam, Ark.

"These 12 songs really define us," adds Dan, who grew up in suburban Pittsburgh. The

pair first met during a late-night jam session at Dan's Nashville home. "They're honest,

and this whole project started with Shay and I writing songs together. That's how we

met. Where It All Began is the story of who we are, who we were and who we're going

to be."

Already Academy of Country Music Award nominees for Vocal Duo of the Year, Dan +

Shay are following in the footsteps of their perennially lauded influences Rascal Flatts,

Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. And the sing-along songs that make up Where It All

Began evoke the sound of those artists, along with a healthy dose of '90s rock and


But it's the album's writing that truly distinguishes Where It All Began. Dan + Shay wrote

or co-wrote all of the songs on the record and bring an educated yet hip slant to country

lyrics. "We just love songwriting," says Dan, who produced the album along with Danny

Orton and Scott Hendricks. "We wanted it to be a rollercoaster of emotions and a

rollercoaster of sounds, something that takes listeners on a journey. We want people to

fall in love with the album from front to back."

From the introductory whistles of opening track "Show You Off," it's easy to go along for

the ride. The duo's favorite to perform live, the album opener instantly identifies Shay as

one of country's best young vocalists. His pliable voice soars along to Dan's deft guitar

lines and the result is musical alchemy. "When you're in love with somebody," Dan says

of the song's message, "you're infatuated with them and you want to be seen with them


The inspiration for "Stop, Drop + Roll" came from a rather unlikely source: the Stephen

King horror film "The Mist," which the guys were watching late one night. When a

character burst into flames, Dan quipped that he needed to "stop, drop and roll," and the

likeminded duo knew right away that it was a song. "We paused the movie and literally

wrote it right then and there," laughs Shay.

Such anecdotes are proof that inspiration can strike at any time for a songwriter.

"What I love about the vibe that Dan and I have is we don't worry about what we say,"

continues Shay, citing album cuts like the intimate "Can't Say No" and the bittersweet

"First Time Feeling." "When you're writing, you can't be scared to say anything."

Anything or everything. One of the gifts that reveals itself upon repeated listenings to

Where It All Began is Dan + Shay's lyrical attention to detail. Songs such as "Nothing

Like You" paint a picture in the minutiae, with lines about purple untied shoestrings and

stacks of books.

"Lyrics don't have to be cookie-cutter or straight down the middle," says Dan.

But it does help if they're conducive to group choruses, which the duo found out

firsthand when touring with Hunter Hayes.

"We played 'Show You Off' for 10,000 people with Hunter Hayes and they all were

singing the 'ay oh' chorus back to us," recalls Shay. "It was amazing."

Following a tour with Hunter, the guys will be joining Blake Shelton on his Ten Times

Crazier Tour this summer.

"We're such huge fans of these artists," says Dan, "that it's crazy to imagine that they

believe in us enough to take us out on the road. We're thrilled to introduce new fans to

the music of Where It All Began."

Earning an RIAA Gold certification for a hit single, going on tour with Blake, being

nominated for an ACM—they're all milestones that have become a part of the Dan +

Shay story. And with the release of the hotly anticipated Where It All Began, the most

exciting chapter is about to be written.
Kelsea Ballerini
Kelsea Ballerini's breakout hit, "Love Me Like You Mean It," is just a taste of the country-pop sound in her imaginative catalog. The Knoxville, Tennessee native has dedicated the better part of the last decade to creating inspiring music, based on her life, to motivate others to live without fear of their emotions. Due May 18th, her full-length debut, The First Time, has Kelsea's credit behind every song. The album radiates positivity while exploring all facets of the human experience. She is a true poet, and The First Time reflects that.

Kelsea's refreshing approach to music is rooted in a vulnerable place. Turning to songwriting to help her through her parents' divorce, she first discovered Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy." Captured by the lyrics and the story, Kelsea knew she had found a creative home in country music and continued to uncover strength and inspiration from artists such as Shania Twain, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and the Dixie Chicks.

"Life got rocky when I was 12," Kelsea says, "and this gift of songwriting just fell into my lap. It was literally this blessing that came at the perfect time. And for me, it's always been that steady thing in my life that I can always go back to."

Songwriting propelled Kelsea forward. At 15, she moved to Nashville with her mother to pursue music. Her fresh sound builds on her East Tennessee upbringing and musical influences ranging from Britney Spears to Kelly Clarkson to Frank Sinatra.

Kelsea's vision, ambition, natural talent, and genuinely positive personality became abuzz on Music Row. "I would meet with anyone that would meet with me," Kelsea says. "I always approached meetings not expecting anything but just asking for advice. That way I never left disappointed."

Black River Publishing VP Celia Froehlig signed the burgeoning artist to a publishing deal in 2013. That December, at the company Christmas party, Black River Entertainment CEO Gordon Kerr offered Kelsea a record deal in the form of a wrapped present.

Kelsea's self-titled debut EP quickly gained her a loyal following and introduced fans to the hit single "Love Me Like You Mean It." With the release of The First Time, the twelve-song collection showcases her lovable, playful side with the catchy "Dibs" and "Yeah Boy." Kelsea sings of getting stood up by a former flame in the ballad "The First Time," while "Looking at Stars" is her fun-loving spin on a romantic dirt road date.

Kelsea delivers a head-spinning performance in the fiery fan favorite "XO," which calls out a man who's still hung up on his ex. In the striking "Stilettos," she gives perspective on the quiet pain that women endure. The ballad takes inspiration from the Pinterest quote that reads, "Strong women wear their pain like stilettos. No matter how much it hurts, all you see is beauty."

"Peter Pan" is loaded with Neverland imagery, and addresses how running from love affects personal growth. Kelsea sings in the chorus, "Always going to fly away; Just because you know you can; Never going to learn there's no such place as Neverland; You don't understand; You'll never grow up; You're never going to be a man; Peter Pan."
Kelsea proves stronger than the heartbreak of her parents' divorce in the revealing "Secondhand Smoke." "Square Pegs" celebrates being yourself in a world where you can choose who you want to be. "Sirens" warns of the dangers of falling for a heartbreaker, while the youth anthem "Underage" paints a portrait of life before the age of 21.

With a bold approach to life, Kelsea's connection to her fans comes from an unapologetic authenticity that is refreshing. "Letting yourself feel whatever you need to feel, not protecting yourself from emotion and dealing with it is what makes people, people," Kelsea says. "It's what makes writers good writers. It's important to me to be vulnerable and transparent -- that's when people relate to music best. It's not sugarcoated and it's not super pretty. It's just real."

That realness has garnered the support of superstars, media and fans alike. "Driving around with the @KelseaBallerini EP on repeat," Taylor Swift tweeted in early March. "So lovely." Little Big Town posted, "We've gotta #GirlCrush," and Dustin Lynch shared, "Hey @taylorswift13 you were right … @KelseaBallerini is on fire!"

Newly crowned one of CMT's "Next Women of Country," Kelsea is featured on several "ones to watch" lists for 2015, including Billboard, Country Weekly, Rolling Stone Country, The Huffington Post, and Spotify. NBC's Today Show spotlighted "Love Me Like You Mean It" on "iHoda," Hoda Kotb's Playlist. USA Today, The Washington Post, Just Jared, and many more have glowing pieces on Kelsea.

Recently, Kelsea made her Grand Ole Opry debut and is currently co-headlining CMT's inaugural "Next Women of Country" Tour. "Dreams do come true. I'm seeing it first hand. While I want to do it all, the arena tours and award shows, most of all, I just want to put out good music that matters." The First Time is Kelsea's first big opportunity to do that. "When I signed the record deal, in my heart I thought, 'what do you want to say to the world? Because now, there are people who are going to help you say it.'"